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About us

AMBER law firm was created in 2013 to render a wide range of legal services. These services are provided by a team of highly qualified specialists in the area of law.

Our main task is to protect our clients’ rights and legitimate interests and prevent them from being violated.
At present, our clients include legal entities and individuals and their associations both in Ukraine and abroad.
We provide services in the form of oral and written advice and recommendations on issues related to the application of norms of law, analyze and prepare draft legal documents, form a legal position for our clients and represent their interests before third parties, including courts of any jurisdiction, help challenge illegal actions and decisions of public authorities and their officers, provide a complex legal support for our clients’ activities or certain aspects and operations of such activities, or any types of transactions, develop a set of preventive measures for our client to prevent its rights from being violated by third parties, help our clients to determine the most effective and economically reasonable form of business both in and outside Ukraine, conduct a complex legal analysis (due diligence) of investees, help resolve corporate conflicts and protect rights and interests of business owners, including minority shareholders, develop and help implement the most efficient project investment schemes and provide many other legal services to our clients at their request.

Lawyers working in our team have a significant advocacy experience and provide defense for our clients against allegations of criminal offense in criminal proceedings.

Our team

Semen Khanin
Semen KhaninManaging Partner
Lawyer, L.L.M.
Anna Khanina
Anna KhaninaPartner
Lawyer, L.L.M., MBA
Andriy Segal
Andriy SegalCEO/Senior Associate
Lawyer, L.L.M.
Anton Gantukh
Anton GantukhAssociate
Lawyer, L.L.M.
Taras Litavskyi
Taras LitavskyiAssociate
Lawyer, L.L.M.
Katerina Drobiazko
Katerina DrobiazkoAssociate
Lawyer, L.L.M.
Volodymyr Litavskyi
Volodymyr LitavskyiAssociate
Lawyer, L.L.M.
Liudmyla Koziatnyk
Liudmyla KoziatnykAssociate
Lawyer, L.L.M.
Andrii Valenko
Andrii ValenkoAssociate
Lawyer, L.L.M.
Serhii Peresunko
Serhii PeresunkoAssociate
Lawyer, L.L.M.
Ievgen Galchanskyi
Ievgen GalchanskyiAssociate
Lawyer, L.L.M.
Vadym Ivanin
Vadym IvaninAssociate
Lawyer, L.L.M.
Borys Bronshtein
Borys BronshteinAssociate
Lawyer, L.L.M.
Olena Denisenko
Olena DenisenkoThe head of the branch in Cyprus
Lawyer, L.L.M.
Yehor Kuzmenko
Yehor Kuzmenko
Lawyer, L.L.M.
Ganna Aksonova
Ganna AksonovaPR Director
L.L.M., M.P.A.
Dmytro Bychko
Dmytro BychkoExecutive Director
Lawyer, L.L.M.
Eduаrd Rіmіkhаnov
Eduаrd RіmіkhаnovMarketing Director
Lawyer, L.L.M.
Galyna Valkovana
Galyna ValkovanaChief Accountant
Accounting and Auditing


Key lines of activity:

AMBER law firm provides a wide range of legal services.

Our key lines of activity include legal advice, representation of our clients in courts of any jurisdiction and legal support for business operations. Our lawyers conduct the defense in criminal proceedings.

We provide services in the following key areas:

  1. Corporate and contractual law. Business reorganization. Protection of minority shareholders. Assistance in resolving corporate conflicts. Legal assistance in the event of a raider attack.
  2. Mergers and acquisitions.
  3. Bankruptcy.
  4. Banking and finance law. Credit relations.
  5. Tax law.
  6. Investing activities.
  7. Competition law.
  8. Construction.
  9. Agriculture.
  10. Protection of intellectual property.
  11. Antitrust law.
  12. Legal regulation in IT area.
  13. International trade.
  14. Securities transactions.
  15. Medicine and pharmaceutical industry.
  16. Telecommunications.
  17. Land relations.
  18. Property rights protection.
  19. Pre-trial resolution of disputes.
  20. Legal and arbitration representation.
  21. Criminal law. Defense against the allegations of committing a property crime or crime in the area of business activities or official activities.
  22. Complex legal support for all types of transactions.
  23. Complex legal support for alternative energy projects.
  24. Complex legal support for business activities.

Our lawyers have a significant professional experience and expertise necessary for providing services to our clients in a highly professional manner and fulfilling tasks assigned by them in the most efficient way.

Our lawyers are fluent in Ukrainian, Russian and English and analyze and prepare legal documents in any of these languages.


Contact us

Main office: +380 67 325 95 82
29 Lesi Ukrainki blvd, office 75,
Kyiv, 01104, Ukraine
Office in Chernivtsi, Ukraine:
Phone: +380 50 374 21 43
Office in Tel Aviv, Israel:
Phone: +972 52 622 76 40
Office in Limassol, Cyprus:
Phone: +357 99 04 01 07